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Who We Are

Heather Gail George Yolande Smith is a holistic healer, natural foods chef and nutrition expert. She has been immersed in nutrition, natural locally-grown food and its ability to heal the body for over 25 years. Yolande works with clients to prevent, slow and eliminate chronic disease and health problems through a diet of deliciously prepared raw foods that provide optimal nutrition, energy and longevity.

Yolande’s has studied extensively at the National Gourmet Institute and the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute. To enrich her professional training, Yolande worked with numerous health experts including Jo Willard, Gary Null, Dr. Herbert Shelton, Dr. Alan Goldhammer, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. William Esser, Dr. Colin T. Campbell and John Robbins.

Yolande believes in holistic healing practices and teaches about fasting, raw food selection and preparation and detoxifying the body. She assists clients to develop a balanced lifestyle using a customized diet tailored to each client’s tastes. Yolande’s sumptuous recipes using nutrient-rich foods increase the joy of eating while dramatically lowering the chances of getting many common diseases like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. She heals through understanding and addressing the root cause of the disease, not the symptoms of the disease. She believes true health is the result of a balanced, healthy diet, and thanks to her gourmet training, Yolande can teach anyone how to prepare delicious plant-based meals that are simple to make.

Yolande lives a very healthy and happy life, maintaining a vegan diet heavy in greens, and she relishes sharing her knowledge and experience with others.

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