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Each time I'm able to make it down to Alegría Farm in Orange County, I'm blown away by what Erik and his team at Alegría are creating. As someone who has spent a large portion of my life in the kitchen cooking with fresh ingredients...nothing compares to what comes from the Alegría Soxx!

It's amazing to taste the difference between the food you buy in the store that has been picked days or weeks before and the nutrient dense, fresh produce that Alegría Fresh is producing. When you're working with such high quality food, the cooking process is even easier, you simply let the food speak for itself. We're so used to using all different types of spices and ingredients to make something tasty; for example, the swiss chard...all you need to do is sauté it up with a little garlic, coconut butter and salt and you have a delicious and sumptuous dish!

~ Loghan Call, 2-Time Emmy Award Winning Producer

I wanted to give you some great news. As you know, I have been eating fresh produce from your farm for over a year now. My cholesterol has dropped from 225 to 168. My doctor has taken me off cholesterol medication and I feel great. I am very grateful.

I want to thank you for providing healthy, great tasting produce. I also want to thank you for teaching me about the different greens and how to get the greatest benefit from each of them, as noted on your website.

Thanks again,

~ Sue, Mission Viejo, California

I visited your farm yesterday and I loved what I saw, a truly awesome urban farming environment. You gave me a head of cabbage and I cooked it with our Sunday dinner. The cabbage was amazing it was tender and very sweet. My mom said she never had cabbage so sweet:) Thank you so very much! I'm looking forward to getting my garden going, please keep me in mind for the near future, very near future… thanks again!

~ Kathy

Everything has been wonderful! The taste and freshness are AMAZING. I will order a second subscription for my daughter to be delivered to her apartment.

~ Kelly

The veggie box was beautiful...and abundant! The tomatoes are especially delicious. Love the veggie box and will definitely order again.

~ Abbey

Amazingly delicious! I always look forward. It's like Christmas every Tuesday!

~ Kelly and Grace Burke

Let the results talk for themselves, please observe the abundance of fresh lettuce, herbs and vegetables I have growing in my raised bed Vertical Garden.

I started this project on 7/11/13. The setup was very simple and almost intuitive. Erik Cutter gave me advise on the fine points of the assembly plus he sold me some seedlings to get started.

He also gave me a planting lesson. The rest of the vegetables and herbs I purchased from the Plant Depot. The coir (coconut fiber) is a very easy growing medium to work with and produces excellent results.

My garden gets hydroponically watered twice per day for 4 minutes. My water and food supply is contained in a 44 gallon trash can. It automatically supplies the nutrients for 5 days before it has to be refilled.

It also waters 26 plants in my raised bed plus 2 large tomato plants.

Yesterday, 7/28/13, I harvested my first salad made up of green romaine, red romaine and Swiss Rainbow chard plus tomatoes I had previously grown. WOW, it was so crisp, fresh and wonderful, I can't wait for my next treat today.

Erik was wonderful to work with and very accommodating. I would recommend this Vertical Garden System for anyone with a limited space and a desire to eat right.

Thanks for all your help,

~ Tom Lindell, San Clemente

After just a few weeks our vertical garden is producing incredible greens which we pick and eat daily. I love the fact that my 6 year old likes to go out and snap “rouge de vert” romaine leaves off and snack on them…no problem getting my kids to eat healthy when it is growing before their very eyes!

~ Jim Ulcickas

Thank you for the fantastic introduction and tour at Alegria Fresh yesterday! I figured it was going to be pretty neat, but i was blown away. What you can grow with your system is amazing. If more food was grown this way, it would be so positive and have an incredible impact on so many levels for potentially so many people.

Today I juiced the wonderful "green bouquet" that you allowed me to bring home. The taste was fantastic, and I know the nutrition was too. We are considering where we could place three towers in our yard.

~ Sally and Kent Cameron

I went on a tour of your farm in January and have been meaning to follow up since! I cannot stop thinking about the amazing salad I ate at your farm!

~ Macy Horton, Babson College Undergraduate Class of '14

Absolutely stunning, and delicious produce!!

~ Carol McPhillips

I wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful experience in your cooking class! I am still in awe. I am completely inspired to aspire toward that way of growing and getting amazing produce, artisan cooking and gourmet healthy eating!!! The tastes of the meal were exquisite and it was mind-blowing to know that everything was totally healthy. I just can't say enough of how I enjoyed the cooking class and the meal. My mind, emotions, body and taste-buds are still raving about it!

~ Susan Herman

I love the edible flowers in my salads. I eat each plant in my bouquet plain and raw and I love it all. Thanks for the delivery!

~ Alegría Fresh client Patty Barnet

What a beautiful bouquet, and a great welcome home after a hectic week working a trade show in Vegas.

~ Kristen Cook

Thank you! Our bouquet is absolutely beautiful and delicious.

~ Gina Watson

Orange County Slow Food members held a potluck in October at the Duck Club in Irvine, which is located in the San Joaquin Marsh Wildlife Preserve. We wanted to bring a salad, but it had to be more than ordinary given the "foodie" nature of those attending and the special environment we would enjoy. So we went to Alegria "Farmacy" and Eric Cutter picked and arranged for us a spectacular bouquet of greens. It was so beautiful that we carried it whole to our destination so that everyone could appreciate the presentation. And indeed they did. It became the centerpiece of the table until time to turn it into the tossed green salad we had envisioned. A kitchen on site provided the space and work surface and a simple vinaigrette dressing was all that was needed to serve up our creation.

If the presentation was a hit, the tasting was a smash. Everyone seemed amazed at the flavor and variety of those greens and the exotic herbs that were included. There was enough in the very large bowl to serve twenty some-odd people, but we could have gone through much more. Lots of requests to know where the ingredients came from made us glad we brought some of the brochures. Thanks Alegria, for a great salad and for boosting our culinary reputation.

~ Roger Taft and Joan McFarland


I am Francis Lingel, enjoying 90 years on this earth and still a young fellow at heart. Thirty three years ago, doctors wanted to perform angioplasty because I had a 95% blockage in the lower descending artery of my heart. A day or two before I was to have the procedure, I said no. There were other things I wanted to try first. I had always been skeptical about how much a diet of natural plant-based foods really mattered. That changed after I listened to my daughter and her husband, both vegans, and they urged me to read and follow the views of Dr, John McDougall ( I discovered the key to my health and energy, and yours too is EATING TO LIVE rather than LIVING TO EAT. Dr.Greger ( intensified my resolve in eating freshly harvested greens, veggies, fruits and nuts. He has a blog that states that hydroponic plants have more minerals and vitamins and that is why I found Alégria Fresh. Their nutrient-rich produce gives me a powerful fresh start and can give you a head start with your HEALTH!

~ Francis Lingel, San Juan Capistrano, CA


I am fighting cancer and I have been eating Alegria's delicious spinach for the last three weeks and actually notice a surge in energy.

~ Warrior Elle Harrow, Laguna Beach, CA


As a diabetic of 30 years, Dr. Sandy Corlett has been blind, lost the use of her legs, been in numerous comas, had congestive heart failure, kidney failure, a heart attack, strokes and serious digestive disorders. She has a vested interest in eating nutrient-rich, living food for her body to have recovered and maintained good health.

"I've known Tim Carpenter for many years and I'll never forget the moment I first saw his Verti-Gro farm," Sandy said. "In the blazing Florida sun, I saw all of these impeccable lettuce and amazing strawberries. When I tasted the lettuce, it was freshest I've ever tasted!"

Sandy soon started her own two-stack Verti-Gro system, and she grows food faster that is available whenever she needs it.

"To my patients, I instill the number one rule that food is first on the path to healing," she said. "Cooked dead food equals dead cells. Living food equals living cells and living bodies."

As President and Director of the Diabetes Resource Center, Inc. and Center for Nutritional Medicine, Sandy does not promote nutritional supplements.

"When you grow your own food in a system such as Verti-Gro, you have everything your body needs," she said. "To my friends who love to garden, I tell them that with Verti-Gro they can grow anything in any climate. It is affordable and you produce clean, healthy vegetables and fruits for you and your family."

~ Sandy Corlett, ThD, ND
President and Director of the Diabetes Resource Center, Inc. and Center for Nutritional Medicine, Buford, GA


We are all very excited (especially me!) about starting out own aquaponics garden. Your tour was just great. So informative…and just seeing your beautiful plants was inspiring. I also wanted to share with you what the kids said. That day was pretty full for them, first day back to a favorite class, fun swimming in the pool, dinner with and playing with some old friends, and of course the tour to your ‘farm of the future’. I asked them the next morning what they enjoyed best about their day, and their reply was ‘ the visit to the farm because it was so cool’! Pretty high praise from two ten-year olds!

Thank you again, for stepping up and making this happen…Orange County needs hundreds of places like your farm, and thousands of the systems in our backyards. We are excited to be a part of this!

~ Gisele Anderson


Thank you all so much for such a fantastic afternoon.

We had such a great time learning about your farm and sampling all the yummies.

Our dinner tonight was amazing thanks to the wonderful bouquet we brought home. My kids have never eaten so many greens and tomatoes.

Thanks again!!

~ Gina Watson, Dana Point, CA


I brought my friend Marylou with me for the tour with Erik two weeks ago. We loved every bit of if and will be back for veggies. Thanks so much.

~ Marlene Warren, Laguna Niguel, CA


Fast, Friendly & Fresh!
Seriously!? What more could you want. I’ve become addicted to just-picked greens.
Thanks Alegria team for your passion and expertise!

~ Kristin Cook, Laguna Beach, CA


For 23 years, the happiness and quality of my life was adversely effected as I struggled for relief from diabetes. Desperately searching for a solution, I didn't realize eating a fresh variety of vegetables and greens may be my answer to normalizing my blood sugar without the need for lots of insulin.

Thanks to Alegría Fresh, I don't have to search for my solution anymore! Since being introduced to locally-grown hydroponic vegetables and greens, I have found a new source of powerful great tasting food my body has always needed. My recovery is now in progress and my energy packed raw diet has stabilized my blood sugar in just 10 days! I have discovered a new lease on life and a renewed desire to share my experience with anyone who will listen!

~ Robin Roberts, Laguna Beach, CA

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Tracy and I wanted to let you know we are grateful for you introducing us to Hydroponic Gardening!
I’ll share a few quick things you may enjoy hearing.  For many years we have eaten organic salads as a regular staple of our diet.  We used to go to Whole Foods Salad Bars on weekends to take a break from fixing our own. Then, almost immediately after eating from our Hydroponic Garden my wife and I both realized that our Hydroponic Salads are so incredibly superior tasting that we don’t even want to eat at Whole Foods any more!  Funny thing, I never liked Arugula lettuce and yet now the Hydroponic Arugula is easily my favorite!  I liken all this to my first trip to Hawaii eating local pineapple grown in the rich Maui soil. Even though I loved pineapple previous to vacationing in Maui, eating the pineapple in Maui was like I had never tasted real pineapple, but rather some kind of imitation!
We are quite grateful!

~ Scott & Tracy, Aliso Viejo, CA