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(Porophyllum ruderale)


Scientific name: Porophyllum ruderale subsp. Macrocephalum

Mexican name: Papalo, named after a Mexican term for butterfly

•  Papalo is an ancient plant found throughout Mexico, the American Southwest and other South American countries.

•  The name papalo is derived from the Nahuatl language and means butterfly, which could be attributed to the butterfly-shaped leaves of the herb.

•  The flavor of Papalo is described as tasting like a mixture of cilantro, argula and mint.

•  Papalo is so popular in the state of Puebla, Mexico that people keep a bouquet of the herb on tables so it can be added fresh to dishes, particularly favored on cemitas (a type of Mexican sandwich).

•  Also used as medicine for high blood pressure and stomach disorders.

•  In Bolivia, the Chacobo Indians utilized the herb on infected injuries to reduce swelling.

•  The Quechua people consume papalo daily as it reduces high blood pressure and treats liver problems.

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