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Give the Gift of Health this Holiday Season

An Alegría Fresh one-month gift subscription is a very healthy holiday gift!

Laguna Beach, CA (November 20, 2012) – With the arrival of the holiday season, Alegría Fresh announces “healthy greens” gift giving. This year, instead of giving the latest technology, entertainment or fashion goods, Alegría Fresh makes it possible to give vitality and longevity with its new one-month gift subscription. Enjoying a produce bouquet full of nutrient-rich greens and herbs will go along way to battling the calories and damage done from eating high-fat holiday treats.

Alegría Fresh delivers fresh dark leafy greens and medicinal herbs to Laguna Beach residents grown on our hydroponic vertical farm in Laguna Canyon. The produce is picked and delivered within an hour of harvest, so it can be consumed at its peak nutrition. Studies have shown that leafy greens lose half their nutrition after three days; so eating it as close to harvest is key to getting the critical nutrition your body needs.

All produce grown at Alegría Farms is selected for its powerful health benefits. Dark leafy greens contain the highest concentration of nutrients per calorie of any food that exists in nature, and each green selected for Alegría’s bouquets is packed with nutrients and healing medicinal attributes.

“We call Alegría Farm ‘the Farmacy,’ because aside from being delicious, the raw, natural food we are growing is super rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and disease fighting phytochemicals,” said Erik Cutter, Managing Director of Alegría Fresh. “Dense nutrients in our food are readily absorbed when it is consumed close to the time it is harvested. The high-yield, non-toxic nature of the Verti-Gro’s® system makes it easy to farm within the city limits allowing us to deliver the freshest produce possible to our discriminating clients.”

All of the greens available for delivery, including numerous kales, spinach, several basils and parsley, are packed with important antioxidants that numerous studies have shown help fight cancer. Findings in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, among other scientific studies, have also shown that eating more fresh plant-based foods, prevents oxidative stress in the body, the process that leads to cancer, heart disease and obesity.

"I am fighting cancer and I have been eating Alegría's delicious spinach for the last three weeks and I notice a surge in energy," explains Elle Harrow, an Alegría Fresh subscriber.

Additionally, much of the delicious produce found in the bouquets, have anti-inflammatory properties, which fight diseases like arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome. These plants have also been shown to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, providing essential vitamins and minerals including calcium and iron, and help reverse neurological disorders.

The list goes on, with unique medicinal properties found for each leafy green and herb. For example, basil is a strong fighter against bacteria, and studies have shown it works on strains that are resistant to antibiotics, and its anti-inflammatory properties mirror the actions of NSAIDs.

Beyond the superior nutritional benefits that Alegría Fresh bouquets provide, what really makes Alegría Farm stand out is its sustainable farming practices, hydroponic vertical farming. Compared to traditional organic row farming, the process yields 10X more produce, is clean and natural requiring zero use of any toxic pesticides, 90% less water, 50% less fertilizer, 90% less energy and 70% less land. Plus, it is grown locally, saving fuel and reducing the environmental impact of transporting produce hundreds or thousands of miles. Alegría Fresh is putting the “green” back into farming.

About Alegría Farm
Alegría Farm is a new commercial hydroponic vertical farm employing over 170 hydroponic towers growing over 10,000 plants in less than 1/4 acre. Alegría Farm is Orange County’s first hydroponic vertical farm and the first West Coast showcase for the Verti-Gro® system, which uses no soil, 90 percent less water, 70 percent less land, 50 percent less fertilizer than traditional organic farming and zero toxic pesticides.  This high performance growing system produces clean, natural food faster than traditional farming and allows plants to grow bigger and stronger, making plants naturally pest resistant.

Alegría Farm produces an exotic tasting variety of leafy greens, medicinal herbs and heirloom vegetables. Hydroponic farming is soilless and utilizes coconut fiber instead of organic soil, which virtually eliminates toxic pesticide usage to produce stronger plants that are substantially more nutrient-rich. For more information on Alegría Farm or to schedule a tour, please visit www.Alegrí or follow on Facebook and Twitter. Alegría Farm is the high-performance urban agriculture division of EnviroIngenuity. Produce from the farm is sold under the Alegría Fresh tradename.

About EnviroIngenuity
EnviroIngenuity was founded in 2009 by Erik Cutter. The company is comprised of forward-thinking professionals, whose goal is to take advantage of the growing demand for more efficient, cost effective sustainable energy solutions, employing solar PV, hi-efficiency LED lighting, green building and hydroponic vertical food production technologies, the latest venture being the development of Alegría Farm. EnviroIngenuity’s mission is "advancingreenergy" and reducing waste, thus better utilizing limited natural resources. As we invest in a lower carbon future, the EnviroIngenuity team is focused on helping organizations move forward to deploy sustainable energy solutions using disruptive technologies.

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