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Alegría Regenerative Health Center

Opened in July 2017, Alegría's new Regenerative Health Center is developing training and certification programs to become local installers and/or to operate Alegría Soxx Farms in their hometowns. Our mission is to make a direct connection between Soil Health = Human Health = Environmental Health. To do so, we are focused on creating living-wage jobs in regenerative urban agriculture by training vets and youth in inner city schools to green up blighted neighborhoods, and create local entrepreneurs that provide access to fresh, nutrient dense food in “food deserts”.

Our interactive teaching farm features Alegría’s zero waste, high-performance regenerative food production tools and urban microfarm principles, which include Organic “SoxxBoxx + Edible Living Walls, Hydro-Organic vertical growing systems & "Living Farm Stands".


• Learn about our 1/2-acre urban microfarm operation (from soil to plate);

• Premium Organic Soil classes and Soxx filling programs;

• Introduce the importance of living soil as our primary “climate mitigation” tool that sequesters carbon and maintains a healthy environment;

• Entrepreneurial Education Programs for marginalized youth, vets and people to create new jobs in high-performance urban agriculture;

• Understand regenerative Zero Waste Food Production Systems;

• Educate participants on our scalable food production tools which include Organic “SoxxBoxx + Edible Living Walls and Hydro-Organic vertical growing systems;

• High-performance Urban Farm Design & Construction;