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Alegría’s SoxxBoxx system optimizes the genetic potential of your favorite leafy greens, herbs and vegetables by employing rich “living soil” that contains all the essential minerals, beneficial microbes, humus plus superior oxygen and water holding capacity to deliver your plants all they need to flourish.

At Alegría Fresh, we provide urban farming tools that provide access to superior, nutrient-dense produce that is loaded with all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals that your body needs to heal itself. We call our farm the “Green Farmacy” and we practice “beyond organic” food production. Employing regenerative urban farming principals, we focus on soil fertility, reduce waste by recycling all carbon, including composting and vermicomposting, and offer rainbow-colored food that is unsurpassed in quality because it is so fresh and full of light energy when you eat it.

1) Our simple SoxxBoxx growing system makes any commercial urban farmer or home gardener a pro. The basic 4’ x 8’ system includes:

2) 6 – 8” x 8’ polypropylene Soxx filled with our Alegría premium soil;
Heavy duty trays available in 4’ x 4’, 4’ x 8’ or 3’ x 6’ sizes;
Note: Table stand not included, but can be purchased upon request. Trays available in Black or White.

Healthy Soil = Healthy People = Healthy Planet!

1) Alegría’s Premium Soil used in our SoxxBoxx produces the best tasting, fastest growing, strongest plants loaded with all essential nutrients;
2) Polypropylene Soxx breathe, providing more oxygen to the roots by promoting “root pruning”;
3) SoxxBoxx optimizes combined aeroponic, hydroponic and organic systems;
4) Grow your favorite “healing foods” including leafy greens, medicinal herbs and vegetables anywhere;
5) Above ground growing keeps crops away from hungry critters, makes harvesting standing up easy and provides a cooler growing environment up and away from contaminated or deficient soils;
6) 95% less water is required, 50% less fertilizer and zero toxic pesticides;
7) Modular design can be scaled to any size;
8) Automatic irrigation or hand watering is simple and fast;
9) SoxxBoxx regenerative farming can provide 6-8 crop cycles a year;
10) 100% recyclable Earth-kind design

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