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Alegría Farm Newsletter | September 9, 2012

“The number one food that scientific research has shown to have a strong positive association with increased longevity in humans is raw leafy greens, normally referred to as salad, “ says Dr. Joel Fuhrman in his best selling book, Eat to Live. 
“Leafy greens such as romaine lettuce, kale, collards, Swiss Chard and spinach are the most nutrient-dense of all foods, ” he writes.
Leafy greens contain a higher proportion of nutrients to calories than any other food.  Calories, or energy, in food are derived from carbohydrates, fats or proteins.  Nutrients in food are derived from vitamins, minerals, fibers and phytochemicals.   
Raw fruits and raw vegetables contain the highest concentrations of accessible nutrients that fight cancer and reduce blood pressure.  Leafy greens have the highest concentrations of these nutrients per calorie of all the raw fruits and vegetables.  

Why raw and unprocessed? Essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals are lost in processing and cooking of certain fruits and vegetables. 
Eating as few calories as possible with the highest concentration of nutrients packed into those calories shows a direct correlation to longer life span and fewer chronic diseases.
This is because our bodies are adapted to function on a high intake of natural plant foods.
“Cancer is a disease of maladaptation,” writes Fuhrman.  “It results primarily from a body’s lacking critical substances found in different types of vegetation, many of which are still undiscovered, that are metabolically necessary for normal protective function.”
Because of the complexity of these natural foods, it is not possible to engineer a supplement to create anywhere near the same benefit.
“The exact structure and the majority of compounds these foods contain are not precisely known,” he writes.  “A tomato for example, contains more than ten thousand phytochemicals.”
Phytochemicals are one of the greatest inhibitors of disease. 
Raw fruits and vegetables, specifically leafy greens, are the best defense against disease and aging.  Yet, fewer than one percent of all Americans consume enough fruits and vegetables to bolster this defense.

“Salad is a great side dish, but where will I get my protein?” is the reaction of most people.

The need for humans to eat meat to get enough protein is a myth – red meat has 6.4 grams of protein per 100 calories. Broccoli has 11.1 grams per 100 calories, nearly twice as much.

Fuhrman says, “On average 25 percent of the calories in vegetables are from protein. Romaine lettuce, for example, is rich in both protein and essential fatty acids, giving us those healthy fats our bodies require.”

Romaine gets 18 percent of its calories from fat and almost 50 percent of its calories from protein and it has hundreds of cancer-fighting phytonutrients.

Following the food pyramid approved by the USDA will lead to disease and premature death, according to Fuhrman, and eating to live means that 90 percent of a person’s calories should come from unrefined raw plant foods. “This high percentage of nutrient-dense foods allows protection from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and excess body weight,” he writes. “Fruits, vegetables and beans must be at the base of your food pyramid.”

How long do you want to live and how healthy do you wish to be? Your future is in your hands.

At Alegía Farm, our mission is to educate everyone on the powerful medicinal qualities of the greens we grow hydroponically. Our high performance urban agriculture process requires great care to make sure the plants are grown in optimal conditions without the use of pesticides.

Alegía Fresh produce is harvested and delivered within two hours and therefore contains optimal nutrients when you receive it.

As a result, our reduce is many times more nutrient-rich than any other food available in any supermarket in town, on average four to five times more nutritious than the organic produce, which is usually three days old. Even the greens at the farmers markets are not locally grown. Claudia Koerner, a reporter for the Orange County Register, discovered when she called the Orange County Agrucluture commissioner that only citrus and certain fruits are grown locally and all the other produce found in local farmer's markets are transported from out of town.

If you consider Alegía Fresh produce for its powerful disease prevention properties, then you can be happy knowing it's the least expensive medicine you can buy!

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