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Alegría Soxx Farms

Taking Urban Farming to a Whole New Level

Alegria’s new Soxx farm demonstrates natural, nutrient-dense food production using GardenSoxx, an innovative natural, nutrient-dense food production system that can be used over cement or other man-made surfaces. The Alegría Soxx farm, a joint venture between Alegría Fresh, Orange County Produce, LLC and Filtrexx Corporation, consists of 13 rows of 5 Soxx each, for a total of 7,200 linear feet of growing space within an 8,500 sq. ft. area (approx. 1/5 acre). Production yields nearly double that of conventional farming. Water usage is 70% less and other cost savings such as being weed-free increase the ROI of this new micro farm. Thirteen different specialty crops including four cultivators of beets, onions, red and green romaine, radicchio, treviso, red and green cabbage and kale are being grown to demonstrate the versatility of the system and prove that urban microfarms can be profitable with no subsidies required. Alegría Farms can be employed in densely populated urban environments bringing access to superior food closer to where people live and work.