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Hanging Planters Vertical Gardens Mini-Greenhouse Commercial Growing Systems


EnviroIngenuity 6-tower Mini-Greenhouse system. Features a 6'x 8' greenhouse protecting 6-towers with 8-stacking pots each for a total of 48 stacking pots and six (6) 5-gallon base pots for larger plants such as beets and kale. Planted with six (6) plants per pot gives a total of 288 plants in the stacking pots and 24 larger plants in the base pots for a total of 312 plants, all in less than 50 sq. ft.

This system produces over a pound of greens per day providing a family of four a fresh, nutrient-rich mixed salad each day.

The mini greenhouse can be manually watered or set up with a separate hydroponic drip automatic watering system, 55-gallon barrel, chlorine/flouride filter, and heating/cooling controls (optional and additional).


Deluxe System: $2,350
Includes 55-gallon barrel, timer, plumbing and hardware for hydroponic drip system, chlorine/flouride filter, greenhouse and base, 48 stacking pots and 6-base pots, 216 planted certified non-GMO seedlings of your choice (with up to 312 seedlings optional, add $200)
and installation.

Equipment only (no plants): $1,550

EnviroIngenuity 6-tower Mini-Greenhouse system

For delivery within Orange County add $75 or will-call (No Charge) basis available.